Greetings from the Office, Clerical, and Technical Staff Assembly!

I hope everyone is enjoying a break, however short it might be, since the semester ended.  OCTSA just completed its first year with a bang.  We held some great projects throughout the year, and voiced the OCT staff’s opinion on many important topics.  I was honored to speak on behalf of the OCTSA at the Spring Faculty/Staff Meeting.   OCTSA also awarded two worthy OCTSA staff members with the OCTSA Outstanding Staff Award.  Congratulations to the recipients, Malissa Ligon and Cherry Pendley

OCTSA had a tremendous first year, and I know there will be more to come.  As incoming President, I look forward to what the upcoming year holds for the OCTSA.  I want to thank all of last year’s officers and committees on a great job as well.  I really appreciate all the hard work and time everyone has contributed to OCTSA.

Since OCTSA will not be meeting again until the Fall, I hope everyone has a great summer.   Meetings will resume September 12, 2013, in 110 AIME.   If you have any concerns that OCTSA might need to address, projects that you would like OCTSA to adopt, or if you would like to become involved with OCTSA, please forward your response to me at
Best wishes and Roll Tide,
Sherry L. Phillips, OCTSA President

Guest speakers at OCTSA meetings: 

February 2013 – Chris D'Esposito from Parking Services attended to present the changes upcoming and on-going with parking on campus. 

March 2013 – Donald Keith presented an "Emergency Preparedness" session tailored to the UA campus. The presentation included what to do in an emergency, how to get information, and resources that are available on campus during an emergency. Emergencies can range from weather to bomb threats, active shooter, hazardous materials, civil unrest, fire, infectious disease, to power outages, and infrastructure issues. The University does have an emergency plan and the primary source of information can be found on and
To report an emergency on campus, please call UAPD – 348-5454 as this will allow for a quicker response time.

May 2013 – Charlotte Harris from HR attended our one year assembly anniversary meeting.  She discussed the history of the OCT Committee and the work and dedication over several years that got us to where we are today as an Assembly. She referred to our website, newsletter, surveys, and activities during our inaugural year as great accomplishments. She asked what opportunities we are looking for in 2013/2014. We discussed professional development opportunities and ways to continue to spread the word about the OCTSA.

OCTSA Outstanding Staff  Awards Reception - May 16, 2013

Kevin Ray and Dr. Joe Benson

Service and Outreach Committee


The OCTSA partnered with Focus On Senior Citizens for their annual Easter egg hunt this spring. Donations of plastic eggs and candy were collected from across campus to help support this worthy cause benefiting local senior citizens. 


In an ongoing effort to support local schools, we are encouraging all employees to participate in the Box Tops for Education drive.  Scan your grocery store shelves for products that carry the Box Tops logo. Participating companies and product lines include General Mills, Green Giant, Pillsbury, Old El Paso, Ziploc, Hefty, Juicy Juice, Betty Crocker and many more.  Cut the Box Tops logo from the items and donate them to OCTSA for local schools. Box Tops may be sent through campus mail to Vera Johnson - Box 870266

The Service and Outreach Committee also encourages faculty and staff to support Alabama REACH.  Alabama REACH is a program that was established with a mission to empower current and former foster youth, orphans, emancipated minors, wards of the State, and homeless youth in a supportive environment that allows students the freedom to pursue higher education.  Alabama REACH has a pantry to stock needed items such as toiletries, non- perishable food items, gift cards, gas cards, extension cords, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, sheets, towels, and laundry detergent.  Along with help stocking the pantry, employees can volunteer to be mentors, sponsors, or a host family.  For more information, employees can contact Jameka Hartley, Coordinator at 348-5819,  Alabama REACH is located in 303 Lloyd Hall.


On behalf of the 2012/2013 OCTSA officers, thank you to all of the representatives for your service in the Assembly's first year! And best wishes for 2013/2014!

Allyson Holliday, President (out-going)
Sherry Phillips, President-Elect
Renae Sullivan, Secretary (out-going)
Alesia Darling, Treasurer (out-going)
Kevin Ray, Parliamentarian

For Assembly meeting minutes and other OCTSA information - please visit:

The Ad Hoc Committee

This spring Renae Sullivan facilitated the annual OCTSA representative nomination process. We welcome the new representatives for 2013/2014!


Officer Nominations & Voting:
An additional nomination of Kevin Ray for President Elect was received from the floor of the assembly meeting on May 9th. No additional nominations were received for the other positions. Voting by ballot was conducted and counted. The new officers are:
            President Elect:  Heath Nails
            Secretary:  Dee Cook
            Treasurer:  Carolyn Fulmer

Offices of President and Past-President:
             President: Sherry Phillips
             Past-President: Allyson Holliday

Staff Survey

Be on the look out for another survey in the fall! We need to know your concerns and suggestions about employee work-life balance at UA. 


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee presented the first annual Outstanding Staff Awards on Thursday, May 16, 2013.  The two recipients were Malissa Ligon, Office Associate Sr., Human Development and Family Studies, and Cherry Pendley, Administrative Specialist, School of Library and Information Studies.  Dr. Joe Benson, Vice President for Research and Interim Provost, presented the awards.

Malissa Ligon and Dr. Joe Benson

Cherry Pendley and Dr. Joe Benson

The committee began from scratch in the fall of 2012, having never worked on a project like this before.  We received excellent advice from Rachel Frazier, who co-chairs the PSA Professional Development Committee.  We designed a nomination form and established award criteria, solicited nominations, chose two winners, and planned for the awards ceremony.  This was a learning process and we certainly learned a lot through first hand experience.  The knowledge gained in this first year should make the process much easier next year. 

Looking to next year, we would like to meet with Charlotte Harris, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, and Teresa Faulkner, Manager of Human Resources Development, to discuss ideas for staff development training.  If you have ideas or suggestions for training opportunities in the coming year please contact Kevin Ray or Leslie Davis  

Staff Life Committee

The Staff Life Committee has researched and prepared a proposal for Transportation Services regarding parking costs for Faculty/Staff permits.  At the last OCTSA meeting two proposals were reviewed.  The Assembly voted to submit a proposal that would base permit costs on salary ranges less than $50,000 and ≥$50,000.  The PSA Staff Life Committee has been contacted to review our proposal and possibly join with us in submitting this proposal.
The Committee is also considering a proposal for enhanced Faculty/Staff meal plans and addressing other issues of concern such as improved lighting on McCorvey Drive and bicycle/skateboarders violation of traffic rules.  

Communications and Public Relations Committee

This is our second newsletter! We hope to follow a quarterly schedule - so the next one should be available in Fall 2013.

Our committee is in the process of creating a logo for the OCTSA. The logo will be used on the website and on other communications from the OCTSA. Thank you Todd Hester for your work on this!

OCTSA informational flyers will be distributed at new employee orientation sessions in the near future. Vivian Liveoak created a draft and our committee is finalizing the draft of the flyers now. Once they are approved and printed, all new employees will receive an OCTSA flyer in their new employee packets. 

The OCTSA website was recently down for a week in order to switch platforms from WordPress to Weebly. The Weebly platform will enable our committee to more easily customize and update the OCTSA website. For any website questions or problems please contact  Allyson Holliday or Nancy Boyd .


Contributors: Allyson Holliday, Sherry Phillips, Kevin Ray, Dee Cook, Renae Sullivan